We sell... a shape.

In March 2023, mathematicians made the biggest geometry breakthrough in recent history: they discovered some strange 13-sided shapes that could tile the plane on their own without any periodic repetitions.

Two weeks later, it was still hard to buy these shapes, so we opened our doors.

Since then, we have sold tens of thousands of aperiodic monotiles. Our models live in dozens of states and four different continents, and have been seen thousands of times on YouTube. The mission continues apace: to provide math enthusiasts with the most affordable, high-quality aperiodic monotiles on Earth.

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What is an "aperiodic monotile"?

It's a new shape that was discovered recently by mathematicians!

It tiles the infinite plane by itself (so it's a "mono-tile"), and does so without consistently repeating (so it's "a-periodic"). Finding one shape with both attributes was the most famous unsolved geometry problem for decades.

You can read more in the technical paper that announced its discovery here.

How large are your models?

Each of our 3D-printed monotiles is around 2" wide, and 0.1" thick.

What are your products made from?

All of our monotiles are made from high-quality eco-friendly PLA, a common 3D-printing filament that's created from renewable biomass (typically plants like corn or sugarcane). They're extremely durable and food-safe.

What's your return/replacement policy?

We're happy to accept returns or send out replacements within 30 days after you receive the products if you're unsatisfied for any reason.

If your order is lost in the mail or does not arrive within 30 days of shipping, we're also happy to refund you. (If this happens, you can still keep the product once it arrives.)

I'd like to buy a huge amount. Is that possible?

We automatically give bulk orders (over $100) a 10% discount, and super-bulk orders (over $1000) a 20% discount.

Extremely large orders (3,000+ monotiles) may take a few weeks for us to produce; we're happy to coordinate with your timeline though, e.g. by shipping incrementally.

Feel free to "chat with us" or submit our contact form if you have more questions or specific requests!